Libertadores String Quartet

Publicado por Prensa FundaMusical Bolívar.

The Libertadores String Quartet was formed in 2012 with the idea of disseminating and promoting chamber music in Venezuela and the rest of Latin America through academic activities and the performance of emblematic national and international compositions.
Libertadores String Quartet

The quartet is made up of four members of the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela (SBSOV): Ollantay Velásquez (violin), Eddie Cordero (violin), Otto Rodríguez (viola) and José David Márquez (cello).

Just a month after its debut, the Libertadores String Quartet gave a series of educational concerts in Haiti under an agreement signed between that nation and Venezuela to develop a music education program modeled after El Sistema. That same year, the quartet made its US debut performing on Carnegie Hall’s Neighborhood Concert Series as part of the Voices from Latin America Festival.

In 2013, the quartet conducted workshops and rehearsals in Angola, Peru, and Japan aimed at the members of the Kaposoka Youth and Children’s Orchestra, the Sinfonia por el Perú Program,  and the Soma Children’s Orchestra, respectively.

In November of that year, the Libertadores String Quartet toured the UK. The tour included appearances in Aberdeen, Stirling, Glasgow, Liverpool and London; and featured special, community and educational concerts, as well as master classes and rehearsals with students at El Sistema programs in the UK, among other activities.

A month later, the LSQ conducted workshops and gave concerts for at-risk children from the cities of Riohacha and Bogotá in Colombia.

The Libertadores String Quartet is part of the Venezuelan Network of Quartets and the Latin American Academy of Chamber Music of the Simón Bolívar Music Foundation.