Publicado por Prensa FundaMusical Bolívar.

As a seedbed for thousands of Venezuelan musicians, therapy the Simón Bolívar Music Foundation is bearing fruit: those youngsters who go through El Sistema fulfill their dreams of personal and professional realization through music. These young musicians provide a daily example of self-improvement and vitality to their fellow Venezuelans. The fruit of their effort attests to the struggle engaged in to make the so-called Venezuelan music miracle endure and extend to other cultural spheres.

Music is not only the product of the talent and virtuosity of its creators; it is the reflection of the soul of the peoples and, anabolics in this case, is the outgrowth of an education program that has spread beyond our borders and has surpassed all expectations.

In the past, art was a matter of minorities for minorities; then it became a matter of minorities for majorities. Nowadays it is a matter of majorities for majorities and a key element to educating and allowing people to integrate successfully into society.