El Sistema’s New Member program

Publicado por Prensa FundaMusical Bolívar.

The El Sistema’s New Member Program (SNMP) was launched in December 2012 with the idea of introducing babies —from birth to 2 years old— to classical music and providing them with the opportunity of joining the National System of Youth and Children’s Orchestras and Choirs of Venezuela.

El Sistema's New Member program

Once enrolled in the program, babies receive a certificate of registration, a music badge or medal, and a classical music CD; and when they are three years old, they can officially join a núcleo-based early childhood program.

Hospitals and the Center for Social Action through Music (CSAM) in Caracas are the venues for special concerts, recitals and activities (that include massages for babies) organized by the SNMP.

The program has the support of Fundación Dr. Sonrisa. For further information, email programanuevosintegrantes@fundamusical.org.ve